Playing With an Older Kitty

Is your kitty entering—or already in—her golden years? Although your furball will slow down as she ages, she’ll still enjoy letting her kitten out sometimes. As it turns out, playing is actually very good for our feline friends. Read on as a Webster, NY vet offers tips on playing with an aging cat.

Understand The Benefits

Playing benefits Fluffy in several ways. First and foremost, it gives her a great workout, which will help keep her strong physically. It’s also really good for her mind. Cats have to focus to nail those tricky pounces. This is sort of like a kitty version of doing crossword puzzles. This mental stimulation can help combat the cognitive decay some furballs face as they grow older.

Make It Routine

Our feline pals are definitely creatures of habit, and do best on a set routine. Try to play with your kitty at roughly the same time every day.

Choose Senior-Friendly Toys

Fluffy’s taste in toys may change over time. For example, your feline buddy may start preferring toys that are brightly colored, or those that squeak or light up. Try different things, and see what she likes best.

Let Fluffy Win

Let your kitty ‘catch’ her prey sometimes. Cats are quite emotional, and can get discouraged if they never achieve their goals.

Choose A Safe Space

Older cats can get clumsy, and sometimes miss their jumps. We recommend keeping Fluffy on the floor. If possible, choose an area with soft carpet.

Keep It Short And Sweet

As your feline friend ages, her play sessions will get shorter and shorter. Eventually, she may be done after a few pounces. That’s perfectly fine! A little activity is better than none. You don’t really have to worry about overexerting Fluffy. If she gets tired, she’ll just stop playing.

Enjoy Purrs

After playtime is over, your furball will know that you did something just for her, and may very well be ready for cuddle time. You may also notice Fluffy doing some of the things kitties do when they’re feeling content and affectionate, like rubbing against your legs, head-butting you, or simply looking pleased. This is your furry pal’s way of thanking you. (Cats also have some very odd ways of showing gratitude, but that’s another topic.)

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