Raising a Polite Kitten

Have you recently adopted a tiny bundle of fur? Congratulations! Baby cats may be small, but they can take up some huge spaces in our hearts. Of course, you’re going to have quite a bit of pet parenting on your hands over the next few months. This is a crucial stage in little Fluffy’s life! In this article, a Webster, NY vet offers some tips on helping your feline friend grow into a happy, healthy, adult cat.


Your tiny ball of cute is going to be very focused on sorting out how all of her claws and teeth are supposed to work. Don’t let her practice on you! This may be cute, but it can eventually lead to some very bad behavior. If little Fluffy bites or scratches you, do something that will startle her without hurting her. You can clap your hands, blow in her face, or squirt her with water. You can also say something like ‘Bad kitty’ or ‘Put your claws away.’


It’s also important to focus your pint-sized pal’s energy in an appropriate direction. Offer little Fluffy lots of toys to play with, and spend a few minutes a day playing with her.


Kittens are very sleepy. (This is in part because their growth hormones are released during sleep cycles.) They are also very young and fragile. Let your furball snooze in your arms or on your lap. This will make her feel safe and secure. In fact, little Fluffy may soon think of you as her ‘parent.’ (Cats also think of their humans as servants, but that’s besides the point.)


Believe it or not, talking to your kitty actually is very important. Your adorable little pet will soon become familiar with the tone of your voice. This will help strengthen that special bond between  you. Plus, your furry buddy will know you’re trying to communicate, and will appreciate the attention.

Safe Place

You’ll want to make sure that little Fluffy feels very safe and secure at home. Offer her lots of things to climb and hide in if she feels frightened. (Cat towers are great for this.) Small touches, such as setting out some boxes or paper bags, can also help make your home more fun and inviting to your tiny furball.

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