How to Tell if Your Cat is Happy

Cats are rather complicated little furballs, who can be quite opinionated. In fact, our feline friends are really very emotional, and, just like people, can feel happy, sad, or angry. It’s usually not hard to tell if Fluffy is angry. But how do you know if your kitty is happy? A Webster, NY vet offers a few tips in this article.

Mischief Level

If Fluffy is nervous or anxious, she probably won’t feel very playful. However, if your furball feels content, she’ll be bold enough to make some mischief. If your kitty likes to ambush you from behind doors or inside paper bags, knock things off tabletops, steal your chair, or bat at random objects, she’s probably in high spirits. Friskiness is a great sign!


Our feline friends are very, very curious. If Fluffy feels comfortable enough, she will follow you around, sniff at everything you bring home, or investigate cabinets and closets as soon as you open them. (Of course, kitties can sometimes be a bit too inquisitive, but that’s another topic.)


One thing we know for certain about cats: they certainly do love their beauty rest. In fact, Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though she averages a ‘mere’ 14 to 16. If your furry buddy is content, she won’t have many qualms about choosing her napping spots. She may sprawl out on your desk, steal your chair, hop into your lap, or doze off on the floor. It’s a good sign when a kitty is comfortable enough to just fall asleep in the open.

Snuggles and Purrs

While some cats do prefer to be admired from a distance, most kitties like to spend time with their humans. Happy cats often enjoy cuddling up on their owners’ lap, or sleeping beside them at night. Even more aloof felines like to stay fairly close to their people.


Fluffy’s physical well-being has a huge effect on her mental health. Is your feline pal’s coat soft, clean, and smooth, with no mats, tangles, or problem spots? Are her eyes clear and bright? Is she at a good weight, and eating well? These are all good indications that your furball is content. After all, healthy cats are happy cats!

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