Tips for Brushing Your Cat

One of the many thing we love about cats is the fact that they are so self-sufficient. Fluffy is very clean, and will dutifully keep up with her daily kitty beauty care regime. However, even the tidiest cat can use a little assistance now and then. Longhaired cats definitely need help with all that fur! Read on as a local Webster, NY vet offers a few tips on brushing your feline pal.

Start Young

If your feline buddy is still a kitten, you definitely have the upper paw. It’s much easier to teach a young cat to accept being brushed than to try and convince a skeptical adult kitty!

Time It Right

When it comes to brushing cats, timing is everything. This will be easiest if Fluffy is feeling relaxed, tired, and hopefully a bit cuddly. After a meal and a fun play session is often a good bet.

Let Fluffy Say When

When your furry little diva decides enough is enough, don’t try to force her to submit. This is not only a good way for you to get scratched, it can also make Fluffy wary of being brushed in the future. Just let her go, and resume another time.

Sweeten The Deal

If you tell Fluffy the benefits of being brushed, she’ll probably just yawn and blink at you. Bribery is much more effective. Work in lots of cuddles and compliments, and offer treats and catnip to sweeten the deal. You want your furball to feel pampered, not punished.

Health Check

This is a good time to inspect your feline friend for signs of illness or injury. Keep an eye out for things like bumps, bruises, heat, swelling, lesions, or other red flags. Also, pay attention to sore spots. If Fluffy winces when you touch a certain area, there may be something going on with her. Call your vet right away if you notice anything amiss.

Make It Routine

Your furry pal will be much more accepting of being brushed if you make it part of her daily routine. Pick a time that works for you, and hopefully won’t throw Fluffy too off-schedule for her 32 daily naps, five meals, and three meditation sessions. Also, try to brush your kitty at the same time every day.

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