Tips For Grooming Your Cat

Did you know that today is International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day? Of course, most groomers have more canine patients than feline ones. Fluffy is pretty good at keeping her fur clean! However, she can still use a helping hand with her beauty ritual. A Rochester, NY vet offers some tips on grooming your kitty below.

Start Young

It’s much easier to get a kitten used to being brushed than to try and convince an adult cat to accept being groomed. The sooner you get your feline buddy used to her beauty treatments, the better!

Keep Kitty Calm

Needless to say, you want to groom Fluffy without ending up in the ER. Gently brushing a purring cat is both easier and safer than trying to wrangle an angry furball. Choose a time when your furry buddy is feeling relaxed and hopefully a bit affectionate. If you have a feisty feline, tire her out with a fun round of Catch The Red Dot first.

Use The Time

When you’re brushing Fluffy, take the time to do an impromptu health check. You don’t have to go too crazy here: just keep an eye out for bumps, swelling, sore spots, hot spots, and skin problems.

Get The Right Tools

The exact types of brushes or combs you’ll need will depend on how long and thick Fluffy’s hair is. If your furry little diva is sporting a long ‘do, you’ll need to brush her quite often, and you may need to use a detangling mat. For a short haired kitty, a regular cat brush will work.

Don’t Over-Bathe Fluffy

One of the many things we love about cats is the fact that you don’t have to bathe them. Of course, you can give your feline friend a bath if you want to. Just don’t go overboard. If you give your pet too many baths, you’ll strip the natural oils from her fur. This could leave her coat looking dry, dull, or even frizzy!

Sweeten The Deal

Some cats love being pampered. Others? Not so much. If your furball falls into the latter group, try offering her something special after her grooming sessions, like a treat or new toy. This may help Fluffy form a more ‘pawsitive’ opinion of the process.

Please contact us, your local Rochester, NY animal clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!

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