Winter Cat Care Tips

Do you enjoy winter? Or are you already counting down the days until spring? If our feline friends could vote, we suspect that they would choose spring. Winter can be hard on Fluffy! Here, a Rochester, NY vet discusses keeping your cat happy, healthy, and safe this winter.

Keep Kitty In

Going outside is always dangerous for kitties: cars, wild animals, and chemicals all pose year-round risks. Winter is especially dangerous. Cats are not immune to cold weather, or the dangers it poses. They can freeze, and their ears, tails, and paws can get frostbitten. Fluffy is also in danger of getting trapped somewhere by falling snow. Getting lost is another concern. Snow can mask smells and landmarks that help cats find their way home. If you do let Fluffy out, make sure that she has an emergency shelter.

Offer Warm Spots

Your drowsy pet will somehow manage to sleep even more than usual in dreary weather. Of course, Fluffy may not be the only one who wants to spend the winter in her bed. Fleas and ticks can still be a problem at this time of year. Wash your kitty’s bedding at least every other week, using hot water and hypoallergenic soap. Parasite control is also important.

Brush Fluffy Daily

Kitties are pretty good about grooming themselves, but they’ll still appreciate a little help here. Dead hair and dander can block the insulating abilities of Fluffy’s coat. Brush your furry little diva regularly.
Be Careful With Heating Devices
Cats are always on the lookout for warm napping spots. If you use a fireplace, put a thick grate before it, so Fluffy can’t get too close. Also, keep candles out of paws’ reach.


The sun goes down pretty early at this time of year. If Fluffy stays home by herself while you go to work, turn a radio and light on for her before you leave. Sitting alone in a dark house can be lonely and stressful for kitties!

Older Cats

Kitties in their golden years often get quite stiff and sore in cold weather. Senior cats may benefit from taking supplements. Ask your vet for more information.


Make sure Fluffy’s litterbox is in a spot that is easy to reach but not cold or drafty. Nobody likes a chilly bathroom!

Please contact us, your Rochester, NY animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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