6 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Shelter Kitty

June is a pretty special month for our feline companions: it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. Going through a shelter is a great way to find your new pet! The day you bring Fluffy home for the first time is a very special one for both you and your furry pal. It’s also the start of a long, beautiful journey, one that you might learn quite a bit from. A Rochester, NY vet lists a few of those crucial lessons below.

Every Kitty Is Different

One thing we know for certain about our feline pals? Just like people, they are all very unique individuals. Some furballs are chatty and outgoing, some are shy and reserved, and some are rather aloof. Whether you’ve had cats all your life or are just getting your first one, we know you’ll have fun getting to know your new pet, and watching her purrsonality shine through.

Cat Purrs Are Truly Precious

Kitties have many adorable traits, but one of their most lovable ones is the fact that they actually vibrate with happiness. As it turns out, that soothing purr is both healing and relaxing for us. All the more reason to keep your furry buddy happy and healthy!

Life Is Better With Cats

Fluffy may not do much, aside from napping, sunbathing, and judging people. However, she still helps turn houses into homes … even when she’s sound asleep. Simply watching your drowsy little furball comfortably relaxing in her bed can put a smile on your face.

Kindness Matters

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’ve given a sweet, lovable kitty a happy forever home. You may melt the first time Fluffy hops into your lap or curls up next to you in bed!

Fluffy Is Hilarious

Our feline friends are quite the little comedians! Between their silly quirks, their box obsessions, and their adorable playtime antics, they do keep us amused. In fact, adopting a cat is very much like hiring a live-in entertainer!

Love Conquers All

Cats are quite emotional, and get very attached to their humans. Fluffy will be very grateful for the love and care you offer her. You’ll be repaid in love, cuddles, purrs, and, of course, fur. What else could you ask for?

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