Garfield Day!

Garfield Day is June 19th! This iconic comic strip celebrekitty has been amusing us with his complete lack of inspiration since 1978, and has made millions of fans worldwide. A Rochester, NY vet shines the spotlight on the famous Flabby Tabby below.


Garfield’s love of lasagna was apparent from birth. The iconic, spider-phobic furball was born in the back kitchen of Mama Leone’s Italian Restaurant in 1978. A foodie from birth, baby Garfiled ate so much lasagna that he almost put poor Mama Leonie out of business! Jon Arbuckle came to the rescue by adopting him, and a legendary companionship was born. Now, nearly 50 years later, the pair have starred in thousands of comics, as well as several movies and TV shows. They’ve also gotten into merchandising, clothing, and even the theme park business!


Like many other celebrities, Garfield has found himself trying to explain past transgressions. The furry ball of sarcasm remains unapologetic on his biggest scandals, which include drop-kicking Odie, eating Jon’s food, and being mean to poor Nermal. (He did, however, complete kitty disobedience school.)


Over the years, Garfield and Jon have worked with several co-stars, including Odie, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Binky the Clown, Pooky the Teddy Bear, and several ill-fated spiders. Although his most famous co-star, Bill Murray, publicly expressed regrets about voicing the Monday-hating furball in a movie, the two seem to have set aside their differences, at least long enough to briefly appear together in Zombieland.


As far as celebrating, you definitely can’t go wrong with having lasagna! You could also revisit some of Garfield’s movies, TV shows, or comics. If you happen to have an orange cat, a grey kitten, and/or a dog that looks like Odie, stage a photo shoot with some Garfield props. You’ll also find plenty of Garfield fan sites and content online.


Garfield may be a bit cantankerous, but there’s a big heart hiding under all that fur and flab. One of his favorite sayings is ‘Love me, Feed me, Never Leave me.’ Many of our patients would agree wholeheartedly with that one! The motivationally-challenged furball also contributed to modern pop culture by providing such insightful quotes as ‘Diet is Die With A T’ and ‘I’m not overweight, I’m undertall.’

Is your cat overweight, phobic of spiders, or bullying a grey kitten? Call us, your Rochester, NY animal clinic, today!

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