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In-House Diagnostics and Pharmacy

With our in-house diagnostics, we can test for common conditions and get information about your cat’s health within 15 minutes. This quick turnaround time means faster treatment for your kitty. It also helps us identify if we need to run more tests. And with our in-house pharmacy, you can pick up your cat’s prescriptions right away.

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In-House Diagnostics and Pharmacy

Cat being examined with ultrasound

If you’re worried about your cat, feel free to schedule an appointment with our empathetic veterinary team. We’ll do everything we can to understand what’s bothering your favorite feline.

Available Diagnostic Procedures

Wondering what diagnostics we offer at All Cats Care Center? With our in-house lab, we can:

  • Analyze your kitty’s calcium, cholesterol, albumin, bile acid, and other blood and urine chemicals to form an accurate picture of her health
  • Check your feline’s thyroid hormone levels
  • Perform pre-surgical bloodwork to establish a baseline and make sure your kitty is ready for anesthesia

We also offer digital radiography that provides both general and dental X-ray images. If your feline friend needs an ultrasound, we can set up an in-house appointment with a traveling internal medicine vet. Or, we can refer your kitty out to a local veterinarian who does ultrasounds.

Most of the time, Dr. Peggy and her team have everything your kitty needs for a thorough diagnostic evaluation. But All Cats Care Center won’t hesitate to refer your cat out to a trusted provider if your kitty needs specialized care.

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We carry almost every medication that our feline clients will need right here at our office. If we prescribe your kitty a medication we don’t have on hand, we’ll order it for you. We can also write a prescription for you to pick up at your local pharmacy.

If your cat needs to follow a special diet, we carry prescription foods from the most reputable pet supply companies.

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Contact us to learn more about our diagnostic services, in-house pharmacy, and prescription foods for cats. Is your pet overdue for a checkup? Call us today or request an appointment online.

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