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Feline-Friendly Wellness and Preventive Care

At All Cats Care Center, we know that proactive preventive treatment and wellness care give your cat the best possible quality of life by supporting optimal health and identifying potential issues early.

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Feline-Friendly Wellness and Preventive Care

Prevention Matters

Regular wellness care is the most effective way of promoting a long and healthy life for your kitty. It helps to maintain healthy weight and nutrition, and allows your veterinarian to adjust recommendations to better fit the needs of your fussy feline. Regular dental care is an important part of our wellness maintenance approach.

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It All Starts with a Wellness Exam

A thorough nose-to-tail examination lets us assess your cat’s condition and individual needs. Your veterinarian will check every system thoroughly for any irregularities and adjust treatment accordingly. Just like humans, cats need regular wellness appointments. We recommend the following schedule:

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Adult Cats (under 7 years)—exam and bloodwork once a year.

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Senior cats (7 years and older)—exam and bloodwork every 6 months.

Behavior Counseling

Our beloved felines have ways of letting us know they’re upset, but they can’t just speak up and tell us why. If your cat is showing signs of distress, it is important to get to the bottom of it. Some of the behavior issues we can assist you with include:

  • House and litter box training
  • Biting
  • Destructive behavior such as scratching furniture
  • Aggression
  • Fear or anxiety
  • Spraying

We can help you understand what’s behind the behavior and how to address it. We can also refer cases to a boarded behaviorist if the issues go beyond our expertise.


Keep your cat protected with up-to-date vaccinations. Diseases like rabies and distemper are widespread, but preventable. All cats should be inoculated—generally starting at 20 weeks. This protects not only your cat, but you as well. It helps to prevent diseases that can transfer between your kitty and you. We use only feline-specific vaccines, formulated just for cats.

Nutrition Counseling/Weight Management

Cats are special, and their dietary needs are specialized as well. From nutrition to feeding schedules to exercise, our feline friends require expert attention and care to ensure optimal wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy weight is particularly important for a longer, healthier life, with excessive weight linked to a variety of conditions including cancer and kidney disease. Let our knowledgeable veterinary team find the ideal diet for your kitty.

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Please call us with any questions or request a wellness appointment for your cat.

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