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Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Cats

Saying goodbye to a beloved feline family member is one of the most heartbreaking things pet parents will ever face. At All Cats Care Center, we are here to walk this difficult journey with you.

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Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Cats

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We can provide pain management and hospice care to make your kitty comfortable. Dr. Peggy will also examine your precious pet to make sure there isn’t anything else that can be done.

She may suggest bloodwork or other testing to rule out any treatable conditions. Above all, she and the rest of our veterinary team will focus on your kitty’s quality of life and your peace of mind.

A Peaceful Goodbye

We provide humane euthanasia in a quiet space. Our hospice and end-of-life care is tailored to you and your cat’s needs, and we can accommodate special requests. However, we only provide euthanasia to kitties who are already our patients.

Our end-of-life care is an extension of the care we give your kitty throughout her life. We help our clients and patients through this difficult time with all the compassion and attention you’ve come to expect from us.

No matter what, you and your feline companion will receive the time, space, and expert veterinary care you need to navigate the journey.

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If your kitty is struggling, bring her in to see our caring veterinary team. Call us at (585) 347-0092 for questions about hospice and end-of-life care in a bark-free, 100% cat-only setting.

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