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Pain Management Modalities for Cats

Cats may be good at hiding their pain, but they feel pain just as much as humans do. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us when or where they’re hurting. A kitty in pain is likely to be severely stressed. Like us, cats will recover from injuries and illnesses more quickly when they are not in pain.

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Pain Management Modalities for Cats

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The veterinary team at All Cats Care Center can help you identify when your cat is in pain and put together a pain management plan.

Common Causes of Pain in Cats

Kitties feel pain for the same reasons we do. Whether it’s arthritis in an older cat, acute pain from an injury, or post-surgery pain, there are many potential causes for your cat’s discomfort.

Our veterinary team will work to identify the cause of your kitty’s pain. It may take one or two tries, but we’ll figure out how to eliminate or lessen your cat’s distress. Our goal is to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible.

A cat being cuddled

Signs to Watch Out For

Even though they can’t tell us when they’re in pain, cats give many nonverbal cues to let us know. Keep an eye out for:

  • Excessive sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lameness/limping
  • Chronic grooming
  • Not wanting to be touched
  • Drooling or dropping food out of his mouth
  • Hesitation to eat
  • Changes in behavior

Bring your kitty in to see us as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. No one deserves to be in pain—least of all our precious pets!

Pain Management Modalities

With our in-house pharmacy, we offer a variety of pain medications to help ease or eliminate your cat’s pain. That said, we try to give your kitty the fewest amount of medications possible while also keeping them comfortable. We can administer medications orally, subcutaneously, or through an IV.

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No matter what your kitty is going through, we can help improve her quality of life. Call us or request an appointment today to learn more about our pain management modalities.

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