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Soft-Tissue Surgery for Felines

If your kitty needs soft-tissue surgery, the team at All Cats Care Center provides expert surgical services. We perform most types of soft-tissue surgeries, including spays, neuters, and mass removals. If you need orthopedic surgery, we’ll refer you to a trusted provider.

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Soft-Tissue Surgery for Felines

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Spays and Neuters

We recommend all cats get spayed or neutered at six months of age, or before they reach sexual maturity.

There are significant health and behavioral benefits to this surgery. Each time a female feline comes into heat, her likelihood of developing breast cancer increases. In cats, breast cancer is almost always fatal.

Male cats often start spraying when they reach sexual maturity. We highly recommend saving your walls from frequent spurts of cat pee.

Most of all, spaying and neutering your felines will help keep cats from overpopulating and ending up in shelters. Contact us today to schedule your cat’s spay or neuter!

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What to Expect on Surgery Day

Once you have an appointment for surgery, you can plan ahead to help make the operation as smooth as possible. Kitties should stop eating by midnight the night before surgery. Remove all food from your cat’s reach, but do leave his water bowl out.

We’ll ask most of our clients to drop their feline patients off in the morning. Some kitties will need to come in the day before so that they can receive IV fluids. This is more commonly needed for senior cats or those with chronic disease.

All patients will receive pre-anesthetic bloodwork before they receive general anesthesia. Most will also get IV fluids or an IV catheter. Kitties will receive pain management during and after the surgery. A trained team member will monitor your feline family member every second she is under anesthesia. Dr. Peggy will be with the patient the entire time, too.

When your kitty wakes up, we’ll wrap her in a warm towel and call you to deliver a surgical report. During discharge, one of our technicians will talk to you and provide written discharge instructions. We strongly recommend sticking to your cat’s pain management plan during her healing period. Chronic pain can discourage healing.

Our team can answer any questions you have when you pick your kitty up. You can always give us a call at (585) 347-0092 if you have any concerns once you leave.

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Contact us to learn more about the surgical services at All Cats Care Center.

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